Progress with our Mirpur Project

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

First Floor casting as started

Here are some site pictures from today's visit

What we actually do during site visits We check architecture, electrical, plumbing and structural details when the contractor says he is ready to cast the slab. For example this is the list of structural feedback after this visit 1-Beam bottom rebar lapping in tension zone- strictly prohibited which found in 1 beam (2 rebar lapping out of 3) Rectification : one 20 mm diameter bar should be lapped with bottom middle one.

2-Beam Rebar Fabrication alignment should be straight. Found misalignment in few beams.

Action: Concrete block should be in sufficient number on both side of beam rebar casing tightly bonded with GI wire.

3-Slab clear cover of rebar should be maintained properly by sufficient block at a regular intervals, which found insufficient. Action: Provide sufficient block @ 3ft gap in both direction.

4-Electrical conduit should be middle of top and bottom layer slab rebar which found unsatisfactory in few places. Action: Should redistribute electric conduit again.

5-Beam top main bar should be properly bend at support members which found missing in some places. Action: Need to bend as much as possible in existing condition by expertise engineer advise.

6-Beam column rebar should be free of rust. Found rusting condition in major portion. Action: Need to clean by rust remove paper.

7-Slab top cover should be properly maintain in all panel. Found less cover in few portion. Action: Need to ensure proper top cover.

8-Duct periphery should have sufficient reinforcement which found insufficient. Action: Additional rebar needed.

Similar list is provided for Architecture, electrical and plumbing

Here is how the building will look when done

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