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Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Interior design With Nordic or Scandinavian essence. Very small two-storied apartment With big windows with clear glasses. We kept everything very light except for some fabrics and the kitchen.

Things to keep in mind for Nordic style Interior Designs with Bangla comments.

01. ACCESSORIZE WITH WARM TEXTILES - (মোটা কাপড়, ডার্ক কালার। শীতের দেশ, তাই )

02. CHOOSE SIMPLE DECORATIVE ACCENTS (মিনিমাল ফ্রেমওয়ালা পেইন্টিং, স্লিম লাইটিং ফিক্সচার)

03. COMBINE WOOD + METAL FINISHES ( কাঠ আর মেটালের ফার্নিচার ইউজ হবে )

04. DECORATE WITH PLANTS AND FRESH FLOWERS (ছোট গাছ আর ফুল থাকবে বাসায়)

05. FOCUS ON NEUTRAL COLORS (যেসব জায়গায় রঙ হবে সেগুলোর কালার হবে সাদা, গ্রে)

06. KEEP YOUR INTERIOR CLUTTER-FREE (কম্প্যাক্ট সেটাপ হবেনা। ফার্নিচার দরকার হলে কম হবে, স্লিম হবে, ফাকা স্পেইস বেশি থাকবে)

07. CHOOSE LIGHT COLORED FLOORING (ফ্লোর হালকা কালারের হবে।)


09. PROPER LIGHTING IS KEY (বড় বড় জানালা। শীতের দেশ, আলো দরকার, গরমও দরকার।)



Brief from the Company:

The homes have a very modern look and emphasis is placed on good material choices both inside and outside. It gets a playful design language and the architect has made good use of the site. You enter a light and airy entrance. Plenty of room to hang out outerwear here and plenty of wardrobe space. The bedrooms are bright, well lit with light. The rooms on the 2nd floor are on respectively. 9,12, 11 and 9 sqm The kitchen decor is supplied from Ikea, type Tingsryd. Modern, timeless and practical kitchen in black comes right here. Ikea integrated appliances are supplied such as oven, ceramic top, dishwasher and fridge / freezer.

Black fan in type Finsmaker. The house has an inviting living room with plenty of room for sofa solution with associated furniture, as well as dining table. The home has a good ceiling height, as well as large windows that provide plenty of light. Great, wood burning stove type Duo 5 in living room provides warmth on cold winter evenings. Floors are of 3-bar light white pigmented oak parquet, which is equivalent to remaining dry rooms. Bathrooms are fully tiled on floors and walls, light gray 60x60cm / 30x60cm and mosaic on floor in shower zone. Floor heating cables. Bathroom decoration white version with mirror w / light, wall-hung WC and shower with straight shower walls.

In summary, tiles and furnishings will be delivered of good quality. Those who buy into the project at an early stage will have the opportunity to influence qualities themselves. Seller will inform deadlines for changes.

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