Ensuring safe and successful execution of your projects

Deep expertise in Project Management Consultancy. DHAKA DESIGNER’s Project Management Consultancy business unit supports contract execution throughout the project life cycle and provides a single point of customer contact. Teams are staffed by experts with extensive experience managing large oil and gas contracts and helping clients control the cost of their investments


Ensuring safe and successful execution of your projects

Deep expertise in Project Management Consultancy. DHAKA DESIGNER’s Project Management Consultancy business unit supports contract execution throughout the project life cycle and provides a single point of customer contact. Teams are staffed by experts with extensive experience managing large oil and gas contracts and helping clients control the cost of their investments.


Managing large-scale projects takes more than exceptional project execution capabilities and advanced monitoring tools. It requires people experienced in achieving successful outcomes on large undertakings.


  1. We help clients achieve their investment objectives and deliver projects by consulting at every project phase. From technology and licensor selection to management of multinational consortia and delivery of turnkey projects, our experts have carried out some of the most challenging EPC projects

  2. Dhaka Designer is committed to leading the industry in quality, safety, and environmental integrity providing the best project management practices while ensuring a safe environment for employees, clients, partners, EPC contractors, and subcontractors. Employee health and safety is a core value and an absolute commitment, guided by Pulse, our longstanding health, safety, and environmental program. Pulse is a value-driven program that focuses on leadership and communication to change behaviours and embed a health, safety, and environment culture across the company. It emphasizes training at all levels of staff, starting with senior management, whose embrace of these goals is essential.




The success of a project with respect to cost-effectiveness, schedule compliance, safety, operability, and maintainability depends on the project management team and how it integrates with the EPC contractor’s project team and the client’s representatives. Here’s what we provide.



We manage and integrate the engineering, procurement, and construction phases of the project. Clients with large, complicated capital projects, sometimes in challenging locations, often appoint us their overall program manager. Acting as the single point of contact, we consolidate all contractors and subcontractors, often from diverse cultures and backgrounds, to deliver a successful project.



We identify personnel with relevant experience, maximizing use of local/ regional staff and people with local experience.



A detailed understanding of project costs and schedule is critical to effective monitoring. We draw from the group EPC experience to enhance our project management and control capabilities



We focus on the details in defining requirements, aligning stakeholder teams, and ensuring a disciplined approach to implementation.



Dhaka Designer focuses on safety, schedule, costs, staffing, quality, and methods to ensure successful facility construction. Our experience in executing EPC projects allows us to effectively manage and mitigate risk. COMMISSIONING In the commissioning phase, we focus on safety, cleanliness, adherence to specifications, and on-time completion.


  • Meeting quality, health, safety, and environmental expectations, including flow down through the prime, sub, and sub-subcontractors.

  • Delivering on schedule and meeting budget targets.

  • Obtaining experienced, qualified personnel.

  • Managing contractors, especially during the EPC phase.

  • Delivering fit-for-purpose facilities.

  • Achieving national content targets.

  • Using proven software tools


Our Project Management Consultancy business unit offers wide-ranging services to manage all project phases: feasibility studies, basic design and FEED, detailed engineering and procurement, construction, commissioning, and start-up. We team up client and Dhaka Designer personnel as needed, with no duplication of roles.



We understand the challenges clients face in awarding contracts “as planned”. Consequently, our project teams mobilize immediately following contract award. Our staffing process coordinates global sourcing, identifies skilled personnel, and submits qualified candidates. As a global company, Dhaka Designer has a diverse workforce, with personnel and consultants from many backgrounds, geographic locations, and cultures, making our teams creative and dynamic. Our global presence enables us to mobilize people with the right experience in the right place at the right time




Experienced personnel

We work with a team located near where the project is being carried out. Depending on the technology involved, different centres of excellence assign personnel to support specific project requirements. HR facilitates and promotes local employment to further the group’s expertise and diversity. Our business model is structured to supplement Dhaka Designer staff with qualified personnel hired from markets where the most experienced engineering and project resources are available

Technology experience

Dhaka Designer’ broad range of process technologies, capabilities, and experience complement its project management consulting role. To ensure attainment of clients’ project objectives, we provide:

•Access to process optimization expertise.
•Access to current market benchmarking information.
•Experience as a FEED and EPC contractor.
•Close client relations and effective communications.
•Design and execution expertise that is practical, cost-effective, and fit for purpose.


Effectively staffing a team is a complex process

It involves:
•Identifying candidates from the existing staff, and ultimately from external sources.
•Processing CVs.
•Obtaining client approval.
•Initial interviews by HR and technical departments.
•Face-to-face interviews.
The number of applications received can be enormous, overwhelming the HR and technical resources and causing significant delays in mobilizing the team. We manage the entire process, enabling the client to focus on the most important project management issues.


Contracting experience and management

•Our commitment to quality, safety, health, and the environment produces outstanding results in all project phases.
•Our EPC contracting experience gives our teams unique insights and expertise in managing each project phase.
•Each project management consultancy team is equipped to optimize designs and recommend realistic execution plans.
•Proven software tools facilitate detailed analysis, optimization, and forecasting of future performance for effective management of project schedule and cost

State of the art tools

Specialized software tools support project delivery

Our software provides the visibility needed to effectively manage project risks and opportunities. These tools provide perspective, encourage collaboration, and can identify options and simulate potential outcomes for the project team and for executive management. It’s how we unite project teams partners, contractors, and clients – in a common understanding of goals and strategy.


Interface management

Managing interfaces is a major challenge on large projects, notably in identifying where contractors’ scopes overlap and where there are assignment gaps. Every project stakeholder depends on successful management of these interfaces. The ability to create project teams that work together, with experienced people bringing best practices and practical experience, is critical to success


Dedicated Tools

  1. Microsoft Project- Schedule Management

  2. Revit Architecture- BIM and Interference

  3. Zoho Books – Invoice & Expense Management

  4. Skype- Meeting and Collaboration

  5. Trello- Sprint Management

Extensive experience

Dhaka Designer has the depth of experience needed to integrate the activities of the engineering, procurement, and construction functions and to execute this role for world-scale projects, consistently meeting client expectations. It’s no surprise many organizations have chosen us for project management consulting.


Main Project Image
Client Name
Two Storied Home in Gazipur
Single Family Residence in Gazipur. The Two storied Residential Vacation home has One Parents Bedroom and One Guest Bed in Ground Floor and Three more standard Bedroom including one Full fledged Master bedroom in upper Floor. One of the Key features of this building is the small lotus pool in the West side of the building which can be enjoyed from a floating deck.
Mr. Farid
Nine Storied Apartment Building in Mirpur
The G+8 or Nine Storied Building with one Semibasement Apartment building is one of our first design project with full scale project management service. Design of the building was done in 2018 and construction started in 2019.
Mr. Babur Ali & Gong
Nine Storied Apartment Building in Jolshiri Housing
This Nine Storied Apartment Building is under construction in Sector 16 of Jolshiri Housing near 300 Feet. One of the first buildings under construction. The piling work of the structure took about 40 days to finish and each pile was about 105 feet in deep with 20 inch in Dia
Mr. AKM Niamul Haque
Ten Storied Apartment Building in Nabinagar, Savar
One Semi Basement, Ground Floor and Nine Apartment Floors with four in Each. This building is situated in Dhaka Co-operative Society in Savar Nabinagar Area which is pretty close to the Army golf club of Savar. Strucrurally challenged, this building is standing on the lowest number of columns possible with maximum utilization of floor areas.
Mr. Shamim & Gong
Ten Storied Apartment Building in Bashundhara R/A
G+9 Storied Apartment building with lots of green space in and outside the building. This building has the highest amount of glazing we have done so far for a residential building. The Ten Katha Land was a result of merger between two north south oriented 5 katha land. This unusual land size was a great challenge initially and was solved by narrowing down the room size in East-West Orientation
Mr. Imrul Kayes & Gong
Order Fresh Coffee Shop in Jolshiri
Small two storied Restaurant building on a small land in Jolshiri. Ground floor has a space for a small grocery shop and bakery outlet where the upper floor has a shaded roof-top restaurant facility with bbq areas. There are also two bathrooms, one of which is in ground floor and the other one is on the rooftop. The temprary shed is made of corrugated industrial aluminium sheet with metal support system.
Mrs. Kumrunnesa Islam