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Dhaka Designer Asset Management Limited 
Architecture, Interior Design, 3D Visualization & Construction Management

What We Do

Architectural & Allied Engineering Services

Architectural & Engineering Design Services

Complete Building Permit Requirements
Complete Construction Documents Duly Signed and

Sealed by a Registered and Licensed Professionals

Architectural Consultancy

As-Built Plan

Digital Survey

Drone Video Survey

Construction & Management

Construction Supervision / Project Management

Design Phase to Construction Phase Services

House Renovations / Extensions

Architectural Interior Fit-Outs


3D Visualization Services

AutoCAD Drawing, Drafting, Tracing 

3D Modeling in Sketchup, 3DsMax, Revit

3D Rendering in 3DsMax, Sketchup, Lumion

3D Animation in Lumion, 3DsMax & After Effects

We know How Architecture Can Change People's Lives

and Their Sense of Life 

Dhaka Designer is built by talented professionals and different expertise with the creativity and passion not only to meet, but exceed our clients’ expectations. These qualities are what propel our company forward. Each member brings something unique to the table, but we share a commitment to provide high-quality services.

Our most popular services 

A Duplex Home in Trishal for Mr Shoeb


Most of our work is done on these types of houses. Village house or vacation home. Sometimes one-story, sometimes two-story or even three-story. One of the biggest challenges for village households is the recruitment of skilled labour. Whether the kind of houses that our clients want or that we design, can be built at all. After working for a long time, we have brought this matter to a place where it is possible to build the way we design. So sometimes masons are given from Dhaka, sometimes designs are made based on knowing and understanding the capabilities of local masons. And on top of everything is the issue of cost. We always design based on your budget so that there are no big shocks after the start of the work. But it should also be remembered that the estimation of building construction is a big problem all over the world. The prices of the materials are the same at the beginning of the house work, the prices change as they are finished. After all we try our best to stay close.


Apartment building is the most popular building housing system in Bangladesh. Most residential apartments in Dhaka have eight to ten floors. But in larger plots there are 12 or 14 or even higher buildings. However, the success rate of ten-story buildings is relatively high. Generally two types of people come to us for such building designs. Single or multiple land owners want to build buildings for their own accommodation. Developers or owners want to build buildings and sell apartments.

​Commercial buildings are very large. In addition to mixed use, market, office buildings, small retail, shops, or factories can also be kept. Over the years we have worked with almost all types of commercial buildings. 

Mixed use building in Alupotti, Rajshahi for Perfect Living
Industrial looking office space for a oil company in Dhaka


​Interior, we think that what will be done by beating one board after another and making a ceiling. This is a completely wrong idea. The first and foremost task of interior design is to ensure proper utilization of the space for which it is designed. Creating a work environment in the office hall, a sleeping environment in the bedroom, and a study environment in the school hall. Knowing ergonomics and working accordingly is most important for an interior designer. What is the minimum size of the furniture, how much space is required for walking or sitting, must be known for sure. Besides color, texture, scale, perspective, movement of light and air, psychology and many more. After all this, if you think some ceiling and paneling is needed, then no. But if it's not necessary, we don't do it ourselves. 

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Software we use 
Apart from these we use all the industry standard software

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